Friday, September 21, 2012

Meet My Best Buddy

I haven't told you something
I love photography
I love taking pictures
I love my cameras

meet Konica C35 AF

I got this from my friend
for freeeeeeee

meet my new buddy
Ricoh F-3

I bought it for Rp80.000
everything works fine except the flash
the flash is dead

and last but not least
meet Samoca Winderflash EES

bought it for Rp110.000
everything works normal
the flash is on baby!
you notice the cool leather strap?
I got it from jellyplayground!

that's my story
how about you?
mau makan indomie dulu
catch you guys later!


  1. Where did you get your cameras? D:
    I'm looking for one, vintage camera. And oh, you bought it for a affordable price also. I envy you. :p

    oh by the way have a visit to my blog if you have your time. :D

  2. I got it from, theres so many vintage camera with cheap price! :D